Estimated Future Property Taxes in Montgomery County Website Now Available

As many of you may know, the County Council passed a regulation which requires all homeowners (as of April 1, 2007) to notify prospective buyers of not only the current property taxes, but also the estimated future property taxes. The Council felt that there were home buyers who were surprised to see their property taxes going up after taking possession of a property, and they felt this was something that needed to be disclosed.

The good news is that the County has now released a Tax Disclosure Website to the public. Homeowners who are selling can simply plug in their address and they will be provided with the “estimated post occupancy tax for the 2008-2009 tax year.” I've provided the link for the tax disclosure information below.

It is mandated that the dollar amount of estimated future taxes, be disclosed as follows:

“Estimated tax and non-tax charges in the first full fiscal year of ownership are $_____________.”

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