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My Father, Merrill "Brit" Englund
I think it’s probably happened to all of us…at least if you’re over 30 years old. You go thru your daily life and then every once in a while, you have that “aha” moment when you recognize the importance and convenience of the internet in your life. It’s so easy to find answers to practically anything using this great tool. It’s simple…you just “Google” any term, phrase or name and you have instant knowledge literally at your fingertips.

Although I know this intellectually, and use it often, I don’t always apply this technology to my every day life…and a great example of this occurred this week. I got an email from my younger brother who lives in Montana, sharing some information that he’d found about our father on the internet. In helping his own son do some internet research, my brother had (basically on a lark, I think) Googled our dad’s name, Merrill Englund. One of the search results was for the Navy Patrol Bombing Squadrons 102/14 Association (our dad was in a bombing squadron in World War II) and the site includes a photo of our father, with his squadron members, in front of a Navy bomber. Seems as though he was a member of the “D. Butler Crew”, and since Don Butler is one of the guys in the photo I assume that he (Don) was the squadron commander (if that’s even the correct term).

My dad would be 90 years old if he were still alive, but since he died before his 60th birthday, this discovery is even more meaningful to us. If you haven’t already tried to Google your parents, or grandparents, I recommend that you give it a try.

*a very special thanks to the "Navy Patrol Bombing Squadrons 102/14 Association" for the photo

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