Telluride Film Festival 2008

(NOTE:  I wrote this shortly after returning from The Telluride Film Festival this past September…don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post it…but there’s still plenty of time to enjoy these movies)

Many of you already know that my husband and I have become addicted to The Telluride Film Festival.  We were introduced to this wonderful event five years ago by our good friend, Margaret Hennessey, and we have made it a point to go every year since then.  Telluride is truly a special place and if you haven't been and have a chance to go, I recommend that you make it a priority.  If you have a chance to go over Labor Day and you enjoy movies, then you'll have the best of both worlds.  When we have the flexibility, we go out on a Wednesday and spend a couple of days getting acclimated to the altitude and taking advantage of the wonderful hiking opportunities. 

The films begin on Friday evening and go thru Monday.  During that time, we usually manage to see over a dozen movies.  One of the hardest things to explain to people who have never been is that half of the fun is standing in line.  Although we buy a pass that basically lets us into every movie, it really only gives us the right to line up for that movie.

Once you figure out the size of the venue and the popularity of the show, you determine how far in advance you need to get there in order to get in.  As you plan your day, you "schedule" this waiting time....and it's great fun!  It's the time to meet people and talk about what they've seen, what you've seen, what you liked, what you didn't like, what's happening in the "outside" world (if anyone cares), where you'll go for dinner (perhaps a hot dog as you wait in another line), what "stars" you've seen...and more!  (below: Penelope Cruz enjoying the festivities in 2007)

This year, there was a tremendous abundance of foreign films.  Some people wondered if the writers' strike in Hollywood had slowed down US movie production.  Who knows?  In any event, as much as we love foreign films, it seemed like there weren't quite as many movies this year that made our "must see" list.  But, it was a great week...and here's the list (in no particular order);

1.  Slumdog Millionaire: I know I said no particular order, but I think this was our favorite.

2.  Happy-Go-Lucky

3.  American Violet

4.  I've Loved You So Long

5.  Flash of Genius

6.  Everlasting Moments

7.  With a Little Help from Myself

8.  Waltz With Bashir (didn't get a chance to see, but heard good things)

9.  Kisses (good Irish flick -- but really needs subtitles 'cause it's hard to understand)

10. Hunger (another Irish -- didn't see, but heard good things -- altho' supposed to be quite painful)

11. Flame and Citron


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