School Information

The MontgomeryCountypublic school system consistently rates as one of the best in the nation – and with good reason.  Montgomery County prides itself on its commitment to public education and literally puts its money where its mouth is.  Education is a priority in this diverse county that houses the 16th largest school system in the country, with a graduation rate of over 90%.

Covering almost 500 square miles and currently serving close to 140,000 students, the Montgomery County Public Schools offer a variety of programs.  Educators recognize that not all students learn alike and set up systems with a goal that all can succeed.  The County offers neighborhood schools as well as “magnet” programs for specialized fields of study.

In addition, MontgomeryCountyis the home of many wonderful private and parochial schools for families who want to move outside of the public system.  There are also some outstanding private schools in both D.C. and Virginia that are accessed by Montgomery County students. 

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