Washington DC Luxury Lofts

Washington DC Luxury Lofts 

Because Washington D.C. doesn't have an abundance of old warehouses and factories, the "D.C. Loft" takes a more liberal and flexible definition. Many D.C. Lofts are conversions of old schools or rowhouses, and some are even new construction.  Washington D.C. "true" lofts or "hard lofts" are often defined by an open layout with ceilings 10 feet or over. The interior normally has exposed brick and open ceilings showing beams and duct work.  Bookmark this page for our DC Luxury Loft guide!

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The enormous popularity of the more traditional Washington, D.C. loft has prompted developers to try to replicate the style in the form of a "loft style condo". These products often have exposed brick and duct work used as accents to give a "loft feel". Though most of the new "condo style" lofts have more open plans than a traditional condo, the ceiling heights are often less than 10 feet.

Washington DC Lofts Location and Price

Washington DC Lofts can be found in every quadrant of the city.  Prices vary tremendously depending on preferred location.  For example, NW Washington DC Lofts range from the the low $400Ks for a 1 bedroom to over $5 Million for customized conversions of  large retail or commercial space.